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Based on true historical facts. The play tells the destruction of an entire kingdom and the fight of the locals and Oba Ovonramen against colonial forces in the 19th century.

Cost: $18.95 + $1.00 S/H


The enthrailling story of a society woman raped and left for dead by four influential men in racially tensed New York, her rise from poverty, her son and the search for his father.

Cost: $18.95 + $1.00 S/H


A deeply heartwrenching story of an African Womans struggle with inequality, her barreness, widowhood and circumcision rites and the glaring dilemas experienced by her brother in trying to integrate into life in the western world.

Cost: $10.95 + $1.00 S/H

Through Mist Vol. 1

This is an emotional, captivating blend of poetry & rythm, written in a flawless style of excellence. This poetry book is commoving, riveting and expressed so vivdly that there is message for everyone.

Cost: $18.95 + $1.00 S/H

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The God Daughter

Award winning film shot in Atlanta, USA. An entire familys life is thrown into chaos with the arrival of the evil machiavellian God daugther with an agenda and a score to settle.

Cost: $10.00 + $1.00 S/H
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