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President: Eve Ikuenobe-Otaigbe “Award- winning film director,” 3rd Abuja Int. Film Festival “A Generational Barrier Breaker” The Black Film Festival directors. “The Emerging Female Writers of the Decade” The National Black Arts Festival. Eve is the consummate multi-talented artist. This acclaimed author of two novels, Tangled & Shadows, Poet, Film & TV producer of over twenty years, theatre director, dramatist, playwright and recently, TV talk show hostess is a fire-brand. She studied Theatre Arts, University of Jos, and Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. Eve’s professional theatre, film and acting repertoire is huge. She has performed extensively in Africa, Europe and the United States of America. Eve is CEO of Afrimedia and is on the board of the American Arts Academy, a diversely cultural entity that organizes the Minority Arts Festival and the Children’s fest. She is a member of Women in Films and Television, Georgia and is also involved in various international collaborations in the Arts . On the personal level, she is deeply involved in charity organizations and has the youths, the underprivileged and women as her main focus. Eve is married with four children.

V.P. Operations Strategy: Donna Shanks A background in the pharmaceutical industry and a world traveler she brings her expertise to assist AfriMedia in gaining exposure for their original and commissioned works. Prior to raising her family, Donna spent over 5 years as a Travel Director Planning and operating programs for Fortune 1000 corporations Domestically and internationally. After wards, Donna enjoyed a Successful 15 year career in the pharmaceutical industry. A wife and mother of two sons, Donna who was born in the United States considers herself an African in America and has a great appreciation for West African arts, music, food and culture.

V.P. Technical: Andre LaMont Andre is versatile as a producer director. In the last year LaMont produced and was Assistant Director on a 35mm [Indie] feature film Currently working on three historical Documentary projects and agreed to Direct [and Produce on] two Short Films (both in 16mm). LaMont has also worked a number of film & Network TV projects, including numerous Music Videos (all in film), has produced and directed Music Videos seen on MTV, BET and TBN Networks. He has worked on numerous Film & TV Focus Groups with; Bravo, NBC/ Universal, Disney, BET, FOX, and Proctor & Gamble, directed three different network TV shows and has worked as a PM & AD in Atlanta and New York often serving as consultant on areas of production such as Locations, Insurance, Extras, the Behind-The-Scenes crew, Security, Catering, and Craft Services. He is a part time Teacher & Lecturer in Film, Acting & TV.

V.P. Administration: Austeen Eboka Austeen Eboka holds a masters degree in Business Management. His acting dates back to 1977 while in High School. In 1980, he founded the St. Dominic’s Youth Club in Lagos, has featured in several stage and screen plays both in Nigeria and the United States. In 2004, Austeen featured in Sola Osofisan’s “Missing in America”- an independent movie shot in New York and in 2006, he starred in male lead role in “The God daughter.” He has had experience in various companies in the United States in administrative capacity and , he brings his wealth of experience utilizing both his educational qualifications while still being involved with his first love, the Arts.

V.P Technical: Dan McCain

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